PC Linked was established in 2009 and today is among the top technology provider in Pakistan. Being a solution-oriented company. PC Linked is HP Sanctioned Power Partner. We avail clients to prosper through IT transformation and exceptional customer experiences. We’re ardent and exhilarated about what we do and how we do it. We nurture conceptions and inspire excellence. We find ingenious solutions to challenges and have fun doing it. We celebrate broadly, act expeditiously, and thrive on change. We’re nimble and responsive to the desiderata of customers and our business.


Over the last 13 years, you have taken PC Linked from a simple business conception to a revolution in the heart of Pakistan’s Information Technology market. We believe that an IT solution is inefficient unless it meets the requisites and gratification of the customer. For this, www.pclinked.pk/ is an initiative taken by PC Linked Pakistan. The conception of the development of PC Linked was never about engendering a retailer with reasonable prices but about giving birth to a place where people could be accommodated the best. The world is transmuting, and PC Linked ecstatically accepts that today’s customers are more technologically literate and authoritatively mandate value for their money. We believe that change is the only thing constant, and to distribute the weight you deserve, we are always in the process of evolving to the next best level.


The prosperity of PC Linked is not a magical coincidence but a result of experienced professionals heedfully aurally perceiving and implementing every suggestion you gifted us with over the past 13 years. The world has revolutionized, and it’s time to peregrinate from those close, gullied, and airtight markets to a system of automation where you do not require to run after salespeople asking for product designations and quotations.


Our goal is to be a provider of world-class products and accommodations, enabling our customers to increment their competitiveness and realize their economic potential. Furthermore, our mission is as follows:


  • To be the partner of customer choice as Pakistan’s leading information technology accommodation provider.
  • To promote well-kenned international brands.
  • Delight rather than gratifies our customers by providing quality, timely and reliable accommodations.
  • To edify ourselves on the Latest products and accommodations to keep our customers au courant.
  • To collaborate with veracity and build a strong business relationship with the customers.

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Troy Gray
CEO / Founder

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Richy Lace
Marketing Director

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Jane Gray
Public Relations

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July Wood
Customer Support

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